Welcome to The Kitchen Herbs!

Hi, I am Elle (also known as EJ) and I am passionate about growing fresh herbs and helping others to do the same.

Using fresh herbs in the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to add amazing flavor and fresh nutrients into your diet. But buying fresh herbs can be expensive, that is why I believe everyone should have their own herb garden. Everyone can grow herbs, no matter how small their space is. Many herbs can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, all you need is a windowsill.

I developed an interest in herbs many years ago when I became a food blogger and photographer. Fresh herbs really add interest to any dish you photograph! I found myself constantly buying fresh herbs, and then trying to keep them fresh as long as possible because the cost really adds up when you are buying several bunches of fresh herbs per week!

Through this process I have learned some of the best ways to preserve herbs, and which are the best (and easiest) herbs to grow yourself, indoors or out.

I wanted to share this knowledge with anyone else who is interested in growing herbs, and so The Kitchen Herbs was born!