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Welcome to The Kitchen Herbs!

Hi, I am Elle, creator of The Kitchen Herbs. I’ve been an avid gardener and home cook for over a decade.

My love for herbs began when I started my very first herb garden with just a few pots of basil, oregano, and thyme on my apartment balcony. I was hooked on having access to affordable fresh herbs to elevate my everyday cooking.

Since then, I’ve expanded to growing over 20 varieties of herbs at home, both indoors and outdoors. Through trial and error, I’ve learned how to successfully grow bountiful herbs even in limited space. I share this knowledge so anyone can experience the joy and convenience of their own herb garden.

In addition to gardening, cooking and baking are my passions. As a food blogger and photographer, I’m constantly developing new recipes and techniques to incorporate the herbs from my garden into delicious, nourishing food.

The flavors and visual appeal that fresh herbs contribute are invaluable. Having my own herb garden saves me money on buying herbs for recipes, and I love knowing exactly where my ingredients come from.

My goal with this website is to empower others to grow their own herbs and transform their cooking as I have. You don’t need large amounts of space or time to cultivate a thriving herb garden. Many hearty herbs can grow right on your windowsill with proper care.

On The Kitchen Herbs website I provide tips for growing, harvesting, and enjoying an array of herbs – from the classics to the exotic. Discover the joys of incorporating fresh herbs into your garden and your diet through my recipes, guides and your own green thumb.