Growing Chives from Cuttings?

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Growing chives from cuttings – is it even possible? There are actually easier ways to cultivate a new chive plant.

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Growing chives from cuttings?

Can you grow chives from cuttings?

Can you grow chives from a cutting? There’s bad news I’m afraid, but also good news! 

So, I have been writing a series on how to grow herbs from cuttings, and I thought it would be remiss of me to exclude chives from it. 

If you have been wondering whether you can grow chives from a cutting, I’m afraid the bad news is: no you can’t. 

I tried. I knew it was unlikely for all sorts of reasons, but I included them in my herb cutting growing experiment anyway, because, well you never know.

So I took some cuttings and tried rooting them a couple different ways. And guess what? It failed.  

How to store chive cuttings

The good news, however, is that chive cuttings will survive for a really really long time in a glass of water! 

So, if you have some chive cuttings from a friend, fear not, you may not want to use them all right away, but you can keep them for weeks in a glass of fresh water.

Just change the water every few days, and trim the ends of the stems if they start to look scrappy.

How to grow chives 

Also, the other good news is that chives grow really well from seed, or by separating and transplanting a clump from an existing plant.

So, the chive garden of your dreams is within easy reach! Just not through using cuttings. 

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