Chives grown from seed in a wooden pot

Growing Chives From Seed

Growing chives from seed is very easy, it a low maintenance attractive plant that will flourish in the herb or vegetable garden, pots, or even as a garden border. How …

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Large bunch of basil in water.

Growing Basil from a Cutting

Growing basil from a cutting is very easy, and the quickest way to get yourself a new established home-grown basil plant. Check out this simple tutorial for regrowing basil from …

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Some cut chives on a white background

Growing Chives from Cuttings?

Chives are one of the most versatile, easy-to-grow plants out there. But, can you grow chives from cuttings? Unfortunately growing chives from cuttings is not easy, but there are some …

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Fish mint growing in a container

Fish Mint

Fish mint is a culinary herb used in many Asian cuisines, and also an invasive weed. Find out what to do with fish mint, whether you want it in your …

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Basil growing in a pot

Growing Basil from Seed

Growing basil from seed is simple. Basil is an easy-care plant and makes a great addition to any indoor or outdoor herb garden, or just a kitchen windowsill.