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Growing Mint From Seed Indoors

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Growing mint from a seed indoors is easy, and makes a great addition to any kitchen herb garden. Mint is quick to grow from seed, grows well in pots, and also well inside all year round.

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A person picks mint leaves of a mint plant on a shelf
Grow mint from seeds indoors

How to Grow Mint from Seeds Indoors

I love mint, it is such a versatile herb. Its fresh flavor adds a delicious zing sweet and savory dishes. It is an excellent addition to any herb garden, inside or out.

Mint is relatively easy to grow from seed, but is even easier to grow from a cutting, if you have access to a healthy parent plant.

Sometimes mint can grow too well, and spread across a garden too far. For this reason, it is a great herb to grow in a pot. I like to grow mine inside so I can keep an eye on it on my kitchen windowsill.

What do you need to grow mint from seed?

  • Mint seeds
  • Seedling potting mix
  • Small herb pot (the container you want to keep your new mint plants in), or seedling pots

Growing Mint: FAQ & Tips

How do you plant mint seeds in a pot?

To sow mint seeds in a pot, sprinkle them over the surface of the soil and apply a light covering of soil over the top. They do need light to germinate, so ensure that the soil layer is not thick. Keep the soil moist and wait for them to germinate (will take 10 days or longer).

Should I soak mint seeds before planting?

It is not necessary to soak mint seeds before planting, however it will speed up germination if you do.

How long does it take to grow mint from seeds?

Mint seeds will take around 14-21 days to sprout. Mint can be re-potted at around 6-8 weeks, when they have reached a few inches in height.
It will take around 12-16 weeks from planting seeds until the mint is ready to harvest.

Why won’t my mint seeds grow?

Mint seeds take up to 21 days to sprout, so if it hasn’t yet been that long, keep watering them as they may be just about to. If it has been longer than this, consider whether they have dried out too much (see below for how often to water mint seeds) or whether they have not been getting enough light. Mint seeds need light to germinate, so if you have buried them too deeply they may not germinate.

How often should I water mint seeds?

The soil needs to be kept moist for mint seeds to germinate, so be sure to check the soil dryness and water regularly (2-3 times per week, depending on climate).

Growing mint from seed: Instruction Guide

How to Grow Mint from Seed

A person picks mint leaves of a mint plant on a shelf

Step-by-step guide to growing mint from seeds.


  • Mint seeds
  • Potting mix or seed raising mix
  • Small herb bot or seedling pot
  • Water


  1. Fill pot with potting mix to around 1/2 inch below the top.
  2. Place seeds on top of the soil – you can put more than one seed in the pot if you want a dense mint plant, but be sure to space them out around 1/2 inch between seeds.
  3. Pour a small amount of clean water over the surface so that the soil is damp.
  4. Place pot on a saucer and in a place with bright light, but not in direct sun.
  5. Check the soil daily and water often enough to ensure that it does not dry out.
  6. After the mint seeds have sprouted, keep them in a bright loation out of direct sunlight and water regularly.


  1. Sprouting time is approximately 10-21 days.
  2. If you want to repot the mint seedlings then wait until 6-8 weeks after planting seeds, when they are a few inches tall.
  3. The mint plant should be ready to harvest or start to use after around 12-16 weeks after planting seeds.

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