A wooden bowl with dried chives.

How to Dry Chives

Chives are a tasty and versatile herb. They are easy to grow, but they die back during winter. So, how do you dry chives so that you can use them …

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A roll of rosemary butter on a wooden board.

Rosemary Butter

Rosemary butter is a excellent way to add a delicious flavor to many different dishes. It’s especially great with steak, potatoes, and roasted veggies. It’s surprisingly easy to make, and …

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Dried rosemary on a wooden spoon.

Drying Rosemary

If you have a large crop of rosemary to harvest, or a bush that needs pruning, you will want to know how to dry rosemary to preserve it for future …

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Fresh chives in a mason jar.

How to Store Chives

If you’ve just harvested a bunch of chives or have a large bunch from the grocery store that you can’t get through in one go. Don’t stress! Storing fresh chives …

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