How to Grow Mint from a Cutting

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Wondering how to grow mint from a cutting? It is a very easy and quick way to get yourself a new established mint plant. There are two approaches, and a few things you should know before you get stuck in!

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A mint cutting
How to Grow Mint From a Cutting

Growing Mint from a Cutting

I love fresh mint. It is so versatile. I use it in salads, as garnish, in marinades, dips and sauces, even to flavor water! As a consequence I like to have a large crop of it growing at any one time.

If you grow it from seed it will take time to get established, and transplanting and re-potting is required as the plant grows bigger.

The easiest way to cultivate a new mint plant is by taking a cutting from an established plant.

It is very easy to cultivate mint from a cutting with a little know-how.

What do you Need to Grow Mint from a Cutting?

You don’t need much to take a mint cutting:

  1. Sharp scissors or secateurs
  2. A healthy mint parent plant
  3. A tall vessel (I like to use a tall drinking glass)
  4. Fresh water

Once the cutting has grown roots you will also need an appropriate pot and soil to transplant it to.

How to Prepare the Cutting

Take your cuttings in the morning. At this time of day the plant will be full of water (vs after a day in the sun)

Select a stem that has good growth at the top, and a thick well established stem. Aim for a cutting of around 6 inches or longer.

You want a nice clean cut, so be sure to use sharp scissors or secateurs to take a cutting from a healthy mint plant.

If the stem that you selected has leaves down to the bottom, remove them so that there is a length of bare stem of around 3 inches at the base of the cutting.

Mint cuttings on a wooden table
Mint cuttings

How to Cultivate the Mint Cutting in Water

The most successful way to cultivate mint from a cutting is to allow it to grow roots in water first.

This means that when you transplant it to soil it will have a better chance to become established.

Place mint cuttings into a tall vessel of fresh water.

I like to use a tall drinking glass as it is easiest to keep an eye on the root development.

Mint Cutting in Water
Mint Cutting in Water

After a few days you will notice rootlets starting to grow at a few points along the stem where it is in the water.

When these have grown to at least half an inch long the cutting is ready to be planted out in soil.

Use a good potting mix, and plant the cutting into a small pot. You can replant it as it grows if you want a large mint plant. Alternatively, keep it in a small pot and prune it back regularly to keep it small (e.g. if you wanted to keep in on your kitchen windowsill).

Growing Mint from a Cutting: Instruction Guide

A mint cutting

How to Grow Mint from a Cutting

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 7 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: <$5

Instructions for growing a mint plant from a cutting.


  • A healthy mint parent plant
  • Fresh water
  • A tall vessel


  • Sharp scissors or secateurs


  1. Take a cutting from the parent mint plant. Ensure it is a healthy stem. The cutting should be around 7-7 inches long.
  2. Remove the leaves from the lower 3-4 inches of the stem.
  3. Place the cutting in a tall vessel (e.g. a drinking glass) with 2 inches of fresh water in it.
  4. Leave cutting in a bright place (such as a window sill) until roots have sprouted and grown to at least 1/2 inch long (approximately 1 week).
  5. Plant cutting into fresh potting mix, water and place in a sunny spot.


  • If some time has passed between taking the cutting and placing in water then re-trim the ends to ensure the cut is fresh.

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