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Q&A: How Much Minced Garlic is One Clove?

If you need to substitute minced garlic or garlic paste for a clove of garlic in a recipe it is important that you get the amount right! So how much minced garlic is one clove?

Minced garlic and cloves of garlic.
How much minced garlic is one clove?

Using minced garlic from a jar is much more convenient and quicker than freshly mincing a clove of garlic, and in many cases will do just as well. But what do you do if the recipe you are using requires cloves of garlic and you have minced garlic (or the other way round)?

How much minced garlic is one clove?

One average-sized clove of garlic is equal to approximately ½ a teaspoon, which is approximately 6 grams.

However garlic cloves vary a lot in size, and so a small garlic clove could give you half this much minced garlic, and a very large one could give you almost twice as much!

Another factor to consider is that the flavor of minced or jarred garlic paste is often not as strong as freshly minced garlic, so you may find that you want to use a little more than the exact equivalent amount.

To figure out how many teaspoons of minced garlic you need you can multiply the number of cloves called for in the recipe by two.

For example: How much is two cloves of garlic minced?

Two cloves of garlic minced is equal to approximately one teaspoon of garlic paste.

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