Thymus vulgaris

Thyme cuttings on a white marble surface

Thyme is an attractive herb that makes a great ground cover in the garden or for borders. It is wonderfully fragrant and delicious in sauces, soups and stuffings.

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Full sun

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Plant in spring

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Regular watering

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Well drained soil

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All climatic zones

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8-12 weeks from sowing

Growing Thyme

Thyme is easy to grow from seeds or from cuttings, and can also be easily propagated by layering.

Originally from the Mediterranean, thyme will thrive in full sun with well drained soil.

Growing thyme in pots can be tricky it is easy to over-water it, but get the moisture balance right and it will happily live on a sunny kitchen windowsill.

Growing Tips

  • Plant thyme in well drained soil. It does not like to have wet feet.
  • Pick leaves regularly to encourage more growth. 
  • Thyme leaves can be dried by hanging or between sheets of paper, or sprigs can be frozen wrapped in baking paper and plastic.  
  • If your thyme plant starts to look a bit tired and leggy after a few years, give it a hard prune and this will help revive it.

Thyme varieties

  • Common thyme
  • Lemon thyme
  • Wild thyme
  • Creeping thyme
  • Elfin thyme
Thyme growing in a pot

How to Use Thyme

Thyme is a wonderful seasoning for many meats, from lamb rack to roast chicken, and also for stuffings, sauces and soups.

Thyme is also used in many drinks, you can use it to flavor water, make tea, or even to flavor vodka!